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The Refresh - from $1,275 per space

Your life has changed and your home needs a new vision that can be implemented on a flexible timeline. With this service, we develop a complete design plan and select all the pieces to make it come together. You then put the plan into action when you're ready.


By the end of this experience, you'll have much more than an expertly-designed guide. You'll have a roadmap to create a home you love.

The Refresh is available as an in-home or virtual experience.

Our Process


Design can feel complicated.
Let us ease the overwhelm.

Unsure about whether your project is a good fit? If any of these statements resonate, then The Refresh is right for you:

  • I need help choosing furnishings and putting together a cohesive look for a room.

  • I've started decorating my home and realize I need expert guidance to get it finished.

  • I’m too busy to decorate on my own. It's time for a professional to make this happen.

  • I know what I like but I don't know where to find the right pieces for my design project.

  • I'm overwhelmed with tackling a project on my own and need a designer's expertise to make decisions with confidence.

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